New York Chinese Restaurant

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Dine in, Take out, Catering, Delivery
Tue - Sat.: 10:30am - 10:00pm
Sunday: 11:00am - 10:00pm
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  • ree*** posted at 10/20/2022
    Never had any issues here. Delivery can take a little while but knowing that order early. Food is yummy.
  • dcsmy****** posted at 1/1/2022
    So disappointed that it took almost three hours for our dinner to be delivered last night. When it was finally delivered, it was cold. So disappointing!
  • dcsmy****** posted at 1/1/2022
    We ordered dinner last night through your app for New Year's Eve. At no point were we told it was a two and a half hour wait when we placed the order or received our confirmation. If we hadn't called the restaurant twice, we never would have known how long it would take and still it took longer. Almost three hours for our food to be delivered and it was cold when it arrived. Very disappointing since you were our favorite Chinese restaurant. Might be time to find another. That was the poorest service I've ever seen from this restaurant.
  • hassanm******* posted at 3/17/2020
    This Hassan Mccrae, I will like to know if i can make a place for take away order food for 80 guests, it will be picked up on the 7th of April by 12:45 pm. please kindly attach with a menu & get back to me if you can fill this order for me.
  •********* posted at 2/7/2020
    Danny is outstanding. Always a genuine smile and friendly attitude. He helps me to special order my Hong Kong-style dishes (black bean and garlic sauces, medium spicy).
    Thank you, Danny!
    Tim Casey
  • niki***** posted at 12/11/2019
    Love you menu and food. Wish you would add picture to food on menu so we know what we are ordering. Thanks!
  • Bu*** posted at 6/16/2019
    Very disappointing.  it appears there is a problem with race among your wait staff.  Remember money is green and that should be your only concern.  The waitstaff is extremely rude.  This is the second time won't be coming back
  • VegasSav********* posted at 5/15/2019
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  • yub*** posted at 3/31/2019
    We have been customers of yours for about three years and have always been satisfied until now. What happened to your egg rolls, they were smaller than usual, with no taste, and they were frozen like out of a bag. They  sure don't look like the pictures on the menu. Thought you were NY Chinese, you sure don't see egg rolls like that in New York. Also the pork lo mein wasn't as tasty as usual either. Did you change cooks or recipes? Although the won ton soup and orange chicken were good,  we were not as satisfied as we normally are.
  • Scot**** posted at 12/13/2018
    I thought you would like to know, it looks like you've misspelled the word "couldnt" on your website.  Silly mistakes can ruin your site's credibility.  In the past I've used a tool like to keep mistakes off my website.
    -Scott Matthews Sr.
  • ste*** posted at 11/11/2018
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  • xstitc****** posted at 11/5/2018
    I had ordered today from online while at work. then shortly after submitting order i got a call to confirm the order and address which was all correct but their delivery driver brought the food to the home/billing address and not my work address. so by the time it FINALLY got to where I was the food was cold and tasteless. It was ordered and confirmed by 5:46 pm but i dint get it until 7:21 pm. When I asked the driver why did you bring it to the wrong address "I didn't know which address to deliver to. MY PHONE NUMBER IS ON THE RECEIPT!!!!!!!! 
  • Hish**** posted at 10/13/2018
    You should put names under your pictures in gallery so people will know what dishes they are looking at. Pictures are nice but without any name is difficult to items on the manu.
    Hopefully you take it seriously and change your website soon.
  • phoeni******* posted at 10/8/2018
    I ask soda no ice they keep giving ice 
    do they not understand
  • rashod******* posted at 6/8/2018
    What's your number
  • sami**** posted at 6/4/2018
    Hi can you tell me if you use MSG in your food/sauce? Thanks!
  • myers***** posted at 3/22/2018
    I am a Marketing Associate for Sysco Foods Las Vegas and wanted to introduce myself.  I would like to come in and discuss possible avenues of doing business.   If it is a certain item you are looking for that your current vendor doesn't carry I would love to find it for you and hopefully gain a customer with time.    If anything I would love to be a back-up plan to your current vendor if they are out of stock or not meeting your expectations.   Let me know if I could be of assistance now or in the future.  Look forward to working with you and growing with you.  
    John Myers
    Sysco Foods Las Vegas
  • schry***** posted at 12/27/2017
    This is the worst Chinese food I have ever had in my life. I've lived many different places. This place is horrible. The rice was cooked so poorly I had to throw it away when I opened it up. I'm  surprised I didn't throw up. They should be ashamed of themselves
  • mohle****** posted at 12/10/2017
    ordered food last night at around 9pm, THANKS FOR SAYING YOU COOK WITH PEANUTS. Had an allergic reaction and couldnt eat any of the $20 dollars worth of food. Refund or 1 star review